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AMP-1 Connectors on R1100RT-P


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I am trying to source new two-prong connectors of the type

used on the accessory plugs as well as elsewhere on the

wire loom. The part# is AMP1-828816-1. The local auto parts

dealer is no help. There is no BMW dealer close by, easier

to ask here. These connectors need a tool to disassemble,

no doubt an expensive custom tool. Nothing I tried worked.

Anyone know about these? confused.gif

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I think I have the same plugs all over my bike. They were used for the strobes, radio and siren.

You can disassemble them by inserting a long thin tool (like a dental pick) into the business end of the plug and carefully bend the small "ears" that hold the metal part of the plug to the plastic housing. Shine a flashlight into the end of the plug and you should see what I am taking about. Once those ears are bent in, just pull the wire and contact out of the back of the plug. To reinsert, bend the ears out a bit and snap them back into place on the plug.

Sorry, I have not quite mastered the advanced computer knowledge necessary to post a photo.

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Strange, even the AMP (Tyco) web site barely seems to acknowledge that they made that connector. Unless you can obtain one from a BMW dealer, you may be doing yourself a favor by replacing it with a more conventional connector. I have my doubts that you will find them anyplace other than a dealer. Good luck.

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