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Adding a Givi Case to a R1100 RSL


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I have a 1995 R1100 RSL with side cases, but without rear case or rack. I would like to add GIVI case and I understand I need to use the E183 mounting bracket, but since i don't have an existing rack I'm missing the two mounting points on the tail just above the light. Does anyone know where I can get these parts and how hard it is to install?


Here is my current tail:


Here is the Givi E183 diagram with the parts I need highlighted be an arrow:




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I installed one of these kits on my R1100RS at one time. I cut the slots with a Dremel and cutting wheel. I think the kit comes with a couple of small rubber "aprons" that fit around the two pieces that fit through the cowling so you have a little bit of flexibility when cutting the holes, but not much. A tidy looking installation.

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Two types of tails were produced, drilled and undrilled.



If you look for a drilled tail section the part number is


$319.78 according to that chart.

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