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Speedometer hub at wheel parts. What's the order.


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Changing front tire, the hub by the axle where the speedometer cable attaches came apart. No biggie I thought, I took the chance to clean it real well, apply some new grease and back on.


Issue, is that it consists of a plastic cog and a metal ring.


I could not find a diagram anywhere, or I just don't know how to look for it. What goes in first?



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Clive Liddell

Hi Andy,


Realoem is not clear on the position of the steel washer that goes in first, then the plastic cog, and lastly the ring with the tabs.


Maybe Polo is asking about the washer??


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Yes, I'm confused with the diagram also.


I saw only 2 parts, a plastic cog, and a metal washer about the same diameter as the cog, which seems to me to be a seat for the cog. If you put this washer after, it does not seem to have a place to sit.

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Sorry, I misunderstood - I thought you were referring to the metal bit with the tabs. The washer sits under the cog, then the cog, which engages with the cable drive and the tabs on the disc in the wheel.



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