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Another WW II Vet Passes


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My father-in-law, James G. Phillips (born Dimitri Kostas Phillipovich in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), died at 6:30 on Christmas day. I thought some here might appreciate a photo study that was done in October 2009 for an exhibit of WW II veterans' portraits: James Gus Phillips 1921-2012. He emigrated from Macedonia in the 1930's, joined the Army Air Force, served as a radio operator in the Pacific Theater, and became a naturalized U.S. citizen after the war.


On December 19 he was admitted to the Emergency Room at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. From there he was transferred to the ICU, and finally to a private room in the Palliative Care wing. He faded quickly, but peacefully, over the last 48 hours of his life. Thanks to the wonderful Palliative Care staff at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, both he and we were in as much comfort as possible in the situation.


He was buried at the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery on January 2, 2013.

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Good evening Selden,


My condolences. I lost the last of my fathers family last year. My uncle was 96. He had to lie about his height to get in the Army during WW II. He was under five feet but looked the Dr. in the eye and said he was five feet and one-half of an inch. After about 15 long seconds the Dr. told him "I must have been mistaken" and passed him along. I wonder if that is the reason his nickname was "Shorty?"


Always keep the memoeries.




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I'm glad he had you in his life, especially at the end, Selden. I'm very sorry for your loss. Sympathy to your wife and family.

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so sorry for your loss. That generaton was clearly one of this country's greatest ever. I wonder how my dad would fare with today's "entitlement, politically correct climate" of modern society. Where guns are being blamed for the crimes and nobody is responsible for their own behaviour.


Not very well, I would imagine. Men of his generation got to work, defeating two evil empires, then rebuilt both countries and ours, and didn't wait for a corrupt Government to do it for them.


May he rest in peace.



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