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Further Fuel Pump Issues


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Following up a little from a previous topic.....


Just replaced fuel pump. Bike started perfectly. Went to start this morning and no fuel pump spin-up. Thought maybe a fuse/relay had blown, but no problems there. Any thoughts as to why it would work fine after installation, but now be [apparently] dead? Thanks!

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To verify your fuel pump works unplug the gas tank electrical connector and apply 12 volts directly to pin 1 (brown) and pin 2 (green with white tracer) and fuel pump should run. Pin 1 is common and pin 2 gets +12 volts.


Pins 1&2 power the fuel pump no matter what model of R1100 or R1150. If the fuel pump runs with 12 volts directly connected but not when connected to the wiring harness then your problem is with a connector, fuse, or wiring. The fuse is easy to eliminate. The next item I would suspect is the fuel pump relay or the connector to it. If you don't own an electrical schematic the next step I would take is to buy a Haynes or other manual that has a complete diagram. This will help you locate things like the fuel pump relay. Hopefully you can read and follow basic wiring diagrams.

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Evening rlusher


You don't have your side stand DOWN do you? If it is up try moving it up & down a few times then try key-on & listen for pump.


Otherwise you will need to use a test light or voltmeter & see where/why the power to the pump is not getting to it.


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Thanks guys for the comments. Sorry for not replying sooner. I got side tracked working on the thing.


I tried directly connecting the pump to the battery, and determined it was the wires. I had a pro replace/solder the power wires, and that worked.... well almost. The fuel pump works (spins up at kill switch on), it turns over, but won't start. Ugh! All this began with a simple fuel filter replacement.


Any thoughts? Even though I marked the hoses, could I still have messed up, reconnecting them in the wrong order? Thanks!

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Hello all. First, thanks a lot for all the great advice.


I reversed the connectors on the fuel pump, then put everything back together, and she fired right up with no problems. Don't know for sure if that was the problem, but it is running nonetheless. Thanks again!

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