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05 rt swing arm pivot pin


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I would like to service (never sieze) my swingarm pivot pin. So when I need to remove its not locked to the bearing (if not to late like most of them). Anyone know the correct torque or any tips?

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Mine with 92K miles on them came out smoothly. To get to the pivots is a lot of time and most of the plastic and other items have been removed. While you are there my advise is to just pull the swing arm off and inspect the front u-joint. I would also use a sticky grease to cover the heck out the u-joint where moisture could possibly enter the bearings. If you have more than 40K miles I would look for the recent thread on driveshafts and have your u-joints made serviceable with a grease fitting. Just saying.


Lock nut, swinging arm to main frame, left, M24 x 1.25 145 Nm


Bearing stud, swinging arm to main frame, left, M24 x 1.25 7 Nm


Swinging arm to main frame, right, M6 9 Nm





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Just been through the process of replacing my swingarm bearings (and FD bearings) - if you have any questions just drop me a PM!


It's a bit of a PITA job due to the amount of stuff you have to take off, but it's not that hard.

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