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Back in the Saddle...'n stuff


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Geday all,


After a brief hiatus (something like 4 years) I am back on the beasty and enjoying every minute of it.


At the old place (yes I’ve moved as well) there was too much of a crappy dirt road to make the ride viable and with one thing and another we decided the purchase of a nice and relatively new place was on the cards. I had in the interim bought a 1200GS which got me back on for a while but decided it was a bit of overkill and traded it for a 20hp tractor. So we are now here in google earth 35°24'41.27"S 149°55'39.16"E. 20 acres with the main house, separate studio, machinery shed and a separate self contained flat that the previous owners used while they built the main house. And yes, the property does run down to the river. There is a short 1.5km dirt road off the main but is in very good condition so much so that I am running a Michelin PR2 on the back. The commute is a bit of a bind (100km each way) but I am looking for something local as we speak. The ride is much more economical at 5.8L/100km (40.6 m/g) than the Prado (10L/100)(23.5m/g) or an old ’86 Mitsubishi ute (12L/100 !)(19.6m/g)


The only problem now with the early starts (up @ 5am) is the encounters with the local bambis ie. ‘roos. I sideswiped one the other morning even though I was on the lookout and only travelling @ 80k’s. Bloody thing came out of nowhere as usual and wasn’t going to give in. The bike only suffered a pushed out belly pan and a stink of burnt hair on the exhaust pipes. I, on the other hand, had to change my undies.


I’ve even resurrected my interest in model rockets over the last year with the local club. I started way back while my Dad was doing a sabbatical at Harvard. We rented a place in Lexington MA and I attended Muzzey Jr High. You can follow our exploits here . We have negotiated and received approval for a high power site near Ardlethan NSW 34°14'36.29"S 146°53'51.86"E which should be a whole lot of fun when we get organised and up there.


So expect to see a lot more of me here. I’m on the start of 2 weeks holidays after a very hectic 12 months and plan to do as little as possible although the SO reckons she’s got this covered.



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Welcome back, Mark. I plugged your coordinates into Google maps, and thanks to Street View, it looks like a beautiful part of the country. Congratulations on the move, and good luck with the rockets, and the 'roos.



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