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Food packing


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I just thought I would post this link if anyone has looked for condiments for the road.




I have never liked taking extra condiment packet from restaurants. I am a condiment guy, they can really enhance trail side or camp fire cooking flavor. Especially when eating dehydrated foods or canned stuff. Some nice hot sauce, spicy mustard, A1....can go along way.


Some stuff on that site are only in 200-500 packet quantities, but some are 50 pack size, that is decent for quite a few days of camping.


I never liked individual tupperware containers for ketchup, mayo, mustard, HONEY...yikes messy and tupperware pops open easily and then you have a real mess.


I also use Foldger Singles coffee. They are like tea bags with coffee in them. They work great, pack really small and are easy to make with just hot water. Way better than Instant coffee IMHO.


Some butter or honey can really add to a pack of instant Oat meal breakfast.


I have never felt good about going to a fast food restaurant and grabbing a bunch of packets of condiments to use later. I guess if you talked to the restaurant owner and offered to purchse 20 or each packet, that might work.


Just an idea for bike campers.

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This was my big excuse to pack up the tent and beat it down the road to the first diner I found. Now I have to cook my sausages and french toast on the camp stove, and eat it with syrup packets and dirt. Great. Thanks.


I've found that if you sprinkle in a little dirt, it looks just like pepper. If you cook like me, you burn everything just enough so can't tell the difference anyway....


Actually, all kidding aside, thanks for the info. It'd be nice if they had a variety pack. Perhaps I can pass out the leftovers at Halloween.




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I guess if you talked to the restaurant owner and offered to purchse 20 or each packet, that might work.
I eat at the same diner about 3 or 4 times a week so they know me (kind of like Norm at Cheers LOL) - I asked but they were going to just give them to me. I make them take $5 for the ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo & jelly that I'll use on a camping trip. I told them it's one thing for them to let me have a half-dozen packets but when I'm going for a half-dozen of each I really think they need to let me at least cover their costs.


BTW, mayo makes a good substitute for oil for cooking over a camp stove.

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