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Wheel repair


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Does anyone have a recommendation of where to have an alloy wheel repaired? The RT has a small flat spot on the rear wheel and some "rim rash" that needs some cosmetic work.


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Over last dozen of years, I had at least 3 BMW motorcycle cast wheels repaired by MC Wheel in NH. Worked well for me.

Their contact: http://www.mcwheel.com/


And, no, I am not the worst-ever rider (hopefully!) - I live in NJ, the pothole capital of US.



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Thanks for the input guys. After pricing Woody's and two others, I decided to buy a nearly new BMW wheel for $150.00 as this was actually less money than what I would have into repairing my old wheel when you add shipping costs. I think I'll try to do the repair work on the old wheel myself and keep it as a spare or possibly for track day rubber as the damage is cosmetic.

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