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heated grips


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hi guy,s

can anyone tell me on a 97 r1100rt if it is the grip or the handlebar that is heated . mine are pretty well worn and need changing .



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The ’97 RT wasn’t shipped with heated handgrips as a standard feature as it was an add on. If you don’t have any wires coming from the grips then you might not have heated grips. Do you have an active rocker switch for the grips located in the cluster of three switches on the dash?

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hi edgarr


Indeed i do have heated grips as standard with the rocker switch on the dash and the grips work it,s just as i say they are well worn , for the life of me i can see no wiring coming from the actual grip but there is wiring going into the handlebars.

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The physical grips do have wires attached to them thus providing the heat. It does sound like the grips are, pardon the pun, toast. Replacement grips will have the wires that feed down the bars to put you back in business. Its been a while since I've installed heated grips, but that's my recollection

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I've recently done heated grips on my 95 RS but I think the wiring is all the same. carefully remove the bar end and you should be able to see the wire threaded through the insert that you screw the bar-end into. Make sure you don't twist this or you'll rip out the wire (not a bid deal if you're replacing the grip anyway). The wire comes out of the handlebar somewhere near the center (Your RT handlebars are different than mine) and the connector for both heated grips is on the left side in front of the knee. As I Recall, it is Brown with 4 wires going into two small black cables headed off to the two grips.


Easy job but you have to take the controls apart and it takes a few minutes. One thing I do at the beginning of each job is take digital photos. Then if I get halfway through it and say, "I should have looked at how that wire was routed" I can just run into the computer and look.



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