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09 Loose Front Rotors


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Just got an 09, I notice if I grab the front of the front rotors at 3 and pull towards 12 and 6, I get about 1/16" movement. I checked the bolts and they seem tight. Bike has 21K on it. I don't think this is normal unless something has changed on the later models. I have not pulled any bolts yet to see if I might be missing the thin washers. Does anyone else have rotors that move some?





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That's normal and exactly as they should be.


They are "semi floating" rotors that have bit or lateral and bit more radial movement on the mounting bolts.


The exact design of the floating mounting system was changed at least once during the R1200 life cycle. The first design used spring washers on each side of the rotor, the never design uses floating mounting bosses integrated to the rotors.


Don't start pulling any bolts, your rotors are fine.




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