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Isle of Man TT Documentary


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I watched it through as well.


Being a TT Fan I enjoyed it completely, but after it was over I realized that as a documentary it sort of lacked in the story line.... maybe just be being critical.



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I enjoyed it, but I felt he dwelled on the danger too much. He must have mentioned the fatalities a thousand times. Understanding the Irish people is difficult. Understanding Guy Martin is very difficult. The Irish are a crazy bunch.

I was in Ireland in September for two weeks, and got to visit the memorial to Joey and Robert Dunlop in Ballymoney. There is a small museum in town that shows how much the Irish love their motorcycle racing.

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Guy Martin is apparently a space alien, but I love to watch him ride... and talk for that matter.


McGuiness' winning streak is beyond belief... not saying he is cheating but am saying that there is something he is doing that ought to be learned from. He is amazing. May be the money and backing, or could be his riding skill but in any case it deserves learning from.



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I am sure it's a great video, but I just couldn't get past the Al Jazerra emblem in the corner.

Sorry, but 3 tours to Iraq and 2 to Afghan was more than enough to taint me to certain media sources.


Besides that, the TT is amazing, plan on going to see it, not ride it, next year.

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Daniel, I too was initially put off by the tie to Al Jazeera. I softened my view after reading the Wikipedia write up on the site. Even Hillary Clinton had a positive view on their reporting in the article.

Al Jazeera

With the disclaimer you can't believe everything on the internet, I understand and back your right not to watch. I sensed no bias, in what I felt was an excellent piece.

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Moderators. Not political, just an honest question. :wave:


Didn't Al Gore sell his network to Al Jazerra?

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