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Video about E15 gas if you have a car older than 2012


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And I hoped ethanol for fuel will slowly go away. Does the "fiscal cliff" stop subsidies/incentives to use corn for fuel? That would be good!

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(edited for political comment)--BMWST Admin


The so called car coach needs to re check her facts.

The food prices are not higher because farmers are producing more corn. And engines do not detonate because of lower octane fuels. The engine may ping or pre ignite during their combustion cycle. Most modern cars with knock sensor will adjust ignition timing to mitigate pinging should it occur, pinging was common in older cars with carburetors or older fuel injection systems or high milage vehicles with carboned up upper cylinder heads ( carbon build up on piston and cyl head).


"Fuel lines are rotted away"

They may corrode.

Rotting is different:

Rotting means decaying due to bacteria or fungus.


While ethanol damages plastic and rubber parts. My 10 year old chainsaw and weed wacker has that issue...

Some say it does not corrode metal


There is vehement debate regarding issues with fuel systems and E85. Allegedly, due to chemical differences between E85 and gasoline, fuel systems and engines not designed or modified to use E85 suffer increased wear and may fail prematurely. However, some researchers come to the opposite conclusion (Footnote 28). GM, for one, has ceased to make any distinction between the two fuels in their fuel components, beginning in the 2005 model year, concluding that it is a waste of money to incur higher costs in materials for E85-fueled vehicles because E85 does not corrode their fuel systems."


Also my lawn mower, boat and gas powered pressure washer starts fine after sitting during winter months. but my KTM dirt bike is more picky about stored fuel.



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It seems her "phase separation" issue would be more pronounced with E85, but she doesn't mention this in relation to E85.


I certainly can not speak with any expertise on the subject, but it certainly appeared she had a real agenda concerning ethanol.

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I watched the linked video several days ago so my command of the precise details may be off the mark a little. Doesn't 10% alcohol seperate from the gasoline as well? If it does, doesn't it drop to the lowest point in the gas tank and effectively become the fuel pumped up to the engine? just like E15.


I have noted that running 10% alcohol in my boat denatures the rubber fuel lines and the primer bulb. I've had to replace them about every 2 years. The primer bulbs on the lawn mower and weed whip are alwo hardening. So this makes me wonder if the premature in tank fuel line failures are related to the effects of ethanol on the plastisizers in the lines.Thoughts?

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Phase separation does occur in 10% ethanol as well as in 15% ethanol. The more ethanol, the more water can be absorbed before it separates out. The real issue with phase separation, at least in fuel injected vehicles that pump fuel continuously through the system, is the water falling to the bottom of the tank, more so than the ethanol. If you think ethanol tears up a fuel system, water is just as bad, and to make it worse, it won't burn, so you wind up with a vehicle that won't start.

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OMG Im running around the room screaming in panic {pretty cool that I can do that and type as well} AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Its the end of the world!!!!



It is one more reason that I am super happy that I drive Chevys...


In southern Cali our fuel is up 15% alcohol with no warning on the pumps or any other notification...been that way for a couple of years with no extreme issues.

I am not saying that alcohol has NO effect on rubber products, that is a factor, especially in old vehicles, but it is not world ending. You can not buy gas in Cali that is not high in Oxygenation in the summer is lower but very high in the winter.


Mayan calender stuff here imho

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