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sony cdx mp70


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happy new year .i have find on ebay a SONY CDX MP70 .I try now to find a SONY REMOTE XM RM10 . have you picture to install on R1150RT with pre equipment radio ? what harness is necessaty between bmw lead and the SONY ? sorry for my bad english

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Happy New year....


I think you have swapped some of the letters in the name of the remote. It is the "Sony RM-XM10B", not the "XM RM10". While I did find a few "XM RM10" via Google, I didn't find any products on electronic sites so I think it was just other people making the same mistake. Also, the "B" in "RM-XM10B" stands for the color "black". It is also available in white ("RM-XM10W").


This recent thread has some discussion on the subject. While it is not a complete discussion, I did attach a picture of my install of the RM-XM10B on my left handle bar. If you search this forum, you should be able to find pictures of installations using a RAM mount, and another where the guy cut a round hole in his dashboard to accept the remote.




I'm not sure what you mean by "bmw lead and the SONY". If you mean the wiring hardness from the bike the radio, it is also described a bit in the thread above and elsewhere in this forum. If you mean the lead from the remote to the radio, you just use the cable that comes with the remote. It runs from the remote to the back of the radio. It's several feet long so you will either need to tuck alot of it way somewhere on the bike or cut it and shorten it. Most people choose to coil it up and tuck it away because there's many wires to deal with if you cut it. I tucked mine high up in my forks and used "zip ties" to secure it.


That should get you started....

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thanks for your answer you understand all with my bad english .on ebay i find a us dealer who seel remote control SONY .on this forum i can find pictures of the ramount like your on your motocycle .what the number parts? its very well and i want install like you not make hole in dash board

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I made my own mount out of two parts...


Part 1: I cut a thin piece of aluminum into about a 4" x 1" rectangle. I then bent it into a U-shape.

I drilled holes to line up with the screw holes on the back of the remote. (see attached diagram)


Part 2: I used a pipe connector where the red 'x' is (on the diagram) to strap it to my handlebar.


If you think you want to do this, I will take real pictures this weekend. Don't know where you live but you can buy the aluminum at most hardware stores or a home goods store like Home Depot.


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its not easy for me because i live in france in normandie .if this week end you can take pictures its fantastic .have you connect an autocom with the sony ?

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