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Headlamp Bulb?


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Jerry Johnston

Had one in my 96RT for about eight years before the low beam burned out. I didn't have any problems with it but after your experience I got to thinking it was because I hardly ever used high beam and never ride at night. I put the standard 50/55 back in mine since I had to buy it on the road.

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Go for the PIAA Extreme white H-4 bulb, it uses 60/55 watts and puts out 110 watts of light(4000k) I melted the lamp connector on my 98RT with the 100/55 H-4.

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I just ordered some supposedly 90/100 watt Xenon lights (here are the specs) on ebay:



-100% brand New in factory sealed box.

-Comes in a pair(2 lightbulbs).

-Made in Japan.

-12V, 4500K.

-Input Power 90W/100W.

-Output Power 160W/170W.

-Direct replacement for the stock unit.

-No Modification is needed.

-30 days manufacturer warranty for defective item.


May not be worth a hoot but they are sure cheap and claim to be bright. I'll post if I toast my wiring. However, at 12 volts 100 watts is 8 amps which shouldn't toast anything. Secondly, the fuse should protect the wiring. I'm having trouble explaining why some people have reported toasting their harness. The only guess I can come up with is this: If the copper starts heating up then it's resistance starts going up and it keeps heating up more. It becomes effectively a resistor in series with the headlight and should cause the headlight to dim. Since it is in series, current will actually go down instead of up so the fuse wouldn't protect you.


Still, 8 amps shouldn't cause heating in this wire unless there is a bad connection to start with. I have a spare harness but I hope I don't have to use it.


I'll post results after I use them a while.



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I would like to have some follow-up on your impression of this lamp when you get it in and have a few miles on it.


I went to Wal-Mart and bought a new lamp for $10.00 - don't recall the type but it appears to have increased the light production over the stock unit.


Perform a search and you will find many past threads about this.


Happy Ridin' thumbsup.gif

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Is there any proublem useing a 100/55 H-4 bulb in a 2000 R1100RT headlamp? Such as overheating, melting parts, or cracking glass?



The weakpoint is the Hi/Lo switch. ALL the current has to pass through that flimsy little switch with it's spring loaded contact plates. Do yourself a favor and install relays. It will make the Hi/Lo switch last darn near forever and increase your H4's output a bunch.



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