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Bike cam


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O.k. looking to get an HD video cam for the bike, lots of time in the Alps and I think a good vid cam would be a great way to capture some of the "fun"

I am considering the Contour+2 and the GoPro 3 Black edtion.


Leaning towards the contour because of the slim design, GPS mapping and ease of operation, but I hear and read that the GoPro has a better picture quality. I doubt that at speed, through the twisties the slight difference would be noticeable, besides I only take the pics and vids and an add on to the riding, not as a profi.


Additionally, I will use the cam durnign ski season too, as well as some scuba and snorkeling. Both cams have water proof cases, so none of this should be an issue.


I would appreciate any thoughts or experience if there is any out there to be had.




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A friend of mine just got his GoPro3 Black Edition a week ago and I must say it is very impressive, even when comparing it to my GoPro Hero HD 2.

Whenever I use my camera on the bike, I plug it into the bikes powerlet outlet using an adapter to USB cable.

The bummer there is that I had to make a hole in the GoPro case to insert the power cable into the camera. No big deal though. The GoPro will run forever this way while simultaneously keeping the battery fully charged for Off-Bike usage.

If I opt NOT to use the cable, I cover the hole in the case with a bit of tape to prevent wind noise on the recording.

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I just got the GoPro 3 Silver for Christmas and am impressed so far. There is a great deal to learn before I just head out with the thing. I think the biggest part to it is learning the best place to affix the camera. The head turns all the time and is distracting to watch the video. The bike is bouncing due to road imperfections and that too is distracting to watch. So, any suggestions on where is best to connect the camera? (Remember this is a serious question, please do not jump on the quick joke.)

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