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BMW part number paralink


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Morning John


The nut P/N is 07119904670 FLANGE NUT, torque to 43nm.


Personally I usually don't replace those nuts unless damaged. I just use Loc-Tite on the threads at re-assembly. That nut is a torque prevailing nut therefore the request for replacement.


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If I replaced the nut without threadlock but properly torqued, am I at risk?





Afternoon Lemans


Probably not but depending on the amount of (original) nut thread deformation remaining your torque is probably a bit on the high side.


A torque prevailing nut is basically automotive talk for a "lock nut" that is torquable (sp). The lock nut is deformable & consistent enough to impart about the same torque "increase" from nut to nut.


If you are worried about the overall torque, or the nut coming loose, just put a dab of Loc-Tite 290 (wicking) on the exposed threads next to the nut. That 290 will wick in between the nut & bolt & make very firm retention.


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This bolt is NOT used to clamp the components together, as there must be rotation.


Therefore the torque figure given relates to a new nut only and is designed with the assumption some rotation of the arm versus the drive housing remains.


Application of thread locker is basically equivalent to application of anti-seize or oil, that is the torque figure achieved is inaccurate due to the added lubrication and the system will be overtightened.

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