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Heated Liner Question


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Hello...well I mentioned to the wife to get me an XXL size heated liner, in thinking my current liner is an XXL...what I opened this morning was a size XL. It seemed to fit fine over a jersey but I normally wear my other liner over top of a couple long sleeve thermal jerseys and, when its really cold, a couple sweatshirts. I have never owned a heater liner before so I don't know if wearing it just over a short or long sleeve shirt will be adequate or should I return it for an XXL...to go over everything just like the other...

Any suggestions?




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If you put too many layers between the heated liner and your body the heat will not reach you.


A long sleeve shirt under the liner should be good. I like a short sleeve tee and an Under Armour long sleeve Cold Gear shirt over the short tee, then the liner.

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The most efficient way of using a heated jacket liner is to have little under it and a lot over it. Like a long sleeved t-shirt on your body, the heated liner, and a sweatshirt and jacket on top. If you have a lot of clothing under it and not much over it you are heating up the countryside but not your body.

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Either a tee-shirt or long sleeve henley, then the heated liner, and then my mesh jacket and its liner. If you compress the heated liner against your body, say by zipping up a lot of layers on top of the liner around your neck, you can get uncomfortable hot spots.






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I use a long sleeve microfiber T shirt, then the heated liner then the jacket. Not bulky and comfy into the high 20s. If colder than that, I typically don't ride but if I get caught in that cold of weather, I put on a down sweater over the liner and then my jacket.

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I use a long sleeve microfiber T shirt


Let me fix that for you John.


"I usually use PINK long sleeve microfiber T shirt" :wave:




Good times...




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All good advice. You want the electrics close with most of the layers over.

At least one layer needs to be windproof- can be the rain linner, or whatever.

Point is to minimize airflow that can pull heat away. If you set up right you'll never need to put your electric jacket on full unless you ride at 20F or lower.

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You do want long sleeves Though. That stuff can burn you if the controler gets set to high.




+1 My Gerbing jacket gets VERY warm... :dopeslap:

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