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Hi Beam Light


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1997 R1100RT-Just recently the hi-beam light has gone black. I've replaced the bulb, but no effect. When I hit the hi-beam switch the blue hi-beam indicator light comes on. I'm assuming the switch is good since this light comes on. Looking for advice, Thanks

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A lot of time the ground connection for the low and high beam gets corroded or weakened. Check there. Is your low beam on?


You're right about the indicator, it is wired in parallel with the high beam lamp, but they have separate grounds I believe.


Could also be the socket for the bulb.

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On the R1100RT the ground connection is via the third terminal on the bulb itself not the headlamp shell as its an H4 type bulb, sounds like you just need to replace the bulb.


Its a bit tight to get to but can be done from above or below.


good luck and a happy new year to you and yours

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Morning Peb


As Nigel mentioned, the headlight bulb uses the same ground for both high & low beam. As a rule when the ground is the issue on the BMW 1100RT the high beam indicator light will be on all the time (even on low beam) or neither light will operated but high beam indicator will be on.


So, if the high beam indicator is working (sounds like it is) & isn't on all the time (even on low beam) then your grounding is probably intact.


That probably leaves --either a defective or bad headlight bulb, or a bad wire terminal connection at the bulb, or a broken high beam wire (white wire) between the high beam indicator connection & the bulb.


The usual issue (assuming the bulb itself is good) is a burnt terminal in the headlight bulb connector.


If you have a 12 volts test light & can get it in there see if the white wire going to the headlight has power to it with the high beam switched on (do not puncture wire to test). If so (has power) then suspect a bad bulb or bad terminal in the bulb connector. If no power in white wire then suspect the white wire is broken somewhere between where the high beam indicator tee's in & the headlight.


Again, usual problem is a burnt terminal in the connector that attaches to the headlight bulb.


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I have two 30 amp relays just outside the the headlight housing. Both relays are connected to the headlight and only one was bad. The one futherest away from the headlight was the one I replaced.

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These relays were added. On my bike all of my accessories (driving lights, autocom, cb, gps, cell phone, etc.) are connected to a "breaker box" so that I don't have to change out a fuse while on a long distance ride. We also added the relays and upgraded the wiring on the head light to run a hotter bulb if desired. This system works really well. If I have an issue with an accessory I know where to look. If I have a issue with the stock system I know where to look. Also, we added five additional "hot wires" and five additional ground wires if I ever want to add anything else. This way all I have to do is hook things up without running wires.

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