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04 RT Fuel Pump

ron c

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Beemerbone yard has 2 fuel pumps listed for my bike. $145 buys an "automotive quality" pump with some additional parts. $245 buys an OEM "replica" pump built to BMW specs plus some additional parts. The cheaper unit has brass fittings on the pump vs. plastic. This sounds like a plus.

Does anyone have long term experience with either of these choices?

A previous post from Roger 04 RT said he bought a pump from the bone yard only to have it fail after a few seconds. Beemer bone yard stepped up and corrected the situation....a credit to them.... but not so positive for the pump.

Any thoughts?

Regards and merry Christmas, Ron C.



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I ended up putting in a fuel automotive fuel pump. I think it was for a ford taurus. It was around $65, plus $10 for a screen. I found the notes here:



I ended up using zip ties to secure the pump. It's been in for 20k miles and two years. Be sure you get fuel line that is fully fuel resistent. You may want to do the external fuel filter mod while you're at this.

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