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Tank Interchange


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R1100 Fuel tank interchange

Does anyone know if all R11x0 tanks will fit onto all models or are there big differences?


As some may know I am building a custom GS ish bike out of my RT and I am looking at eliminating the ABS. I have found a few R11x0 tanks made of steel or some even out of aluminum for Rocksters and Randy Mamola Boxster models that are dented. If they fit onto the RT chassis I can cut much of the outer skin off and reshape and expand the size to fit my needs, but starting with a base that fits the RT chassis would make that alot easier.


The aluminum from the Boxster would be cool and light, but more work to re-skin and weld up or repair welds in foreign lands than a steel one. So the Rockster may be my best choice...as long as it sits on my chassis.


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I found what I hope is the answer after hours on the microfiche...

The front frame section is the same on my 96 RT as it is on a Rockster, same part number and so is the rear stays that hold it.

Then the rear subframe is different, but the front upper mounting points are the same and so is the tank mount tab on the right side.


So other than the non integrated abs pump on my RT and the integrated abs pump in the Rockster being different it should mount right up...non issue here because I am deleting abs.

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