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Quick ME 880 question..


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I'm going to try the ME880 for my 04RT next. I've taken my Z4's about as far as I comfortably can (about 8600 miles). I think there are some differences in 880's though (IE: Z vs V, and a 'B' identifier on the front?) For those that have them on their RT's, whatcha got? I was considering the Z6 but I've heard that when they start to go, they go quick and the 880's are just about as good in the corners and last a lot longer.

OK, thanks and a Happy and Safe New Years to all.


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Paul Mihalka

For your bike you need a 170/60x17 rear tire. It is a "R"-adial. For the front you take 120/70x17 also "R"-adial. There is a 120/70x17 "B"-elted, made for the K1200LT. You don't want that. These are V rated tires, good to about 150mph. They are my favorite tires.

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I run the Z6. :thumb sup: I have replaced the rear two times and had no such phenomena happen when it was time to replace one. confused.gif

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I went to the 880's after a couple of sudden death Z6s at just over 5,000 mi. The 880’s with a V and R are nice handling and longer life tires, certainly preferable to Pilot Roads. The Z6s are great handling tires, especially in wet weather.

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I have the ME-880's and couldn't be happier. Put them on last year before a track day; the tires outperformed anything I asked it to do (I'm a rather conservative rider). I think I had Z-4's before that - the 880's felt better, though the Z-4's were at the end of their useful life when I bought the bike.


Hmmm...after re-reading my post, I'm not sure I answered your question, but perhaps you're now confused on a higher level grin.gif

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I've been a fan of the ME880s for a long time. A bit pricier up front, they last forever, especially at the 7/10th pace my wife and I ride.


Some complain that they aren't "sticky" enough, but that has never been an issue for me. Of course, if I went to the track, I'd probably use my Z4s...



Steve in So Cal

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