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Go To HeleN Back Again


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Hi Folks,


I know some people need to schedule time off for 2013, so I'm letting you know some dates.


HeleN Back will be April 18th-21st. Details to come after the New Year.


The UNRally will be June 25th-28th. Details to come by the end of January.


We can plan to FART together September 26th-29th, though this date is not set in stone yet.


I look forward to seeing you at any or all of the events in 2013.

If you have suggestions, or would like to help in some way, let me know.



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Thanks for all the work you put into organizing these events. Don't know how many I will make, but it should be at least one.


Enjoy the holidays!

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The UN dates abut the RA Rally in Asheville.

Any chance UN will be close enough to make this an easy "two fer" those doing early planning?


Yes, it's planned to be close enough for riders who want to do both.

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I'm bike-less right now, but I hope to have one by spring (maybe a new water cooled GS). I've missed everything for the past two years, but would really like to make it to HeleN Back and FART.

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Nice n Easy Rider



Thanks for posting these dates (tentative or otherwise) so that we can begin to get our priorities in order. :grin::thumbsup:

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Ken, thank you for all the work you are doing to UNorganize our events. Having the dates and events to look forward to makes a long winter much more bearable. Seems I'm going to have a real high mileage scooter!

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Ken -

Thanks for getting the dates out there. On my calendar and I'm hoping to attend all but we'll see what the fates say.


Is it time yet?





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IN :wave:




Vacation request approved. I'll be arriving on Wednesday night. Yes Mitch, that means you won't have a find a room for that night. lol.



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