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Just bought a '04 RT- did I make a mistake?--Follow -up from Pier


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Dears friends, first of all I want to thank you very much for all yours impressively quick, and very useful replies.


I thought I should clarify at least one of my statements. When I said that the bike vibrates, I really didn't mean to imply to the fairing or any loose parts of the engine either, and I don't think there may be any malfunction of the engine as well. I meant to say that I can feel the bits of the engine all over my legs and I think is it just beacuse I'm not used to a twin motor.


The bike has had the 600 miles check-up done twice, at 600 and 1,350, and yes, it is still under warranty until November 2007.The bike is in new conditions and I don't think for a minute there is something wrong with it, although I'll keep in mind some of your advise and will talk to the dealer about my concerns.


Like some of you have wrote, I guess it is just a matter of getting used to these type of engines. I bought the '03 KRS last April and I recall that on my way home with the KRS I had similar sentiments: I thought I made a huge mistake and I wanted to sell it right away. After some ergonomics adjustment to my riding position, now I think it is the best bike I have ever owned and I ride it almost exclusively.


When I ride the KRS the only thing I hear and feel it the wind at 80 MPH pushing me back. With the RT I hear and feel the engine more than what I would like to.


I'll give it few more weeks and I see if I can test ride a RT with a comfort seat at the dealer to compare.


Thank you again to all of you to share your experiences and thoughts. I'll keep the forum update on my progress witht he RT.



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