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Motorcycle Storage Lift


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Are you satisfied? Did you install it yourself?


Did you get the standard or the Deluxe model?


I'm hoping I can probably get two sports bikes on it, a Ducati 996 and a Yamaha R1 (900lbs).



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Satisfied = yes

Install myself = Yes


I think two bikes would be pushing it, but they are within the weight limit. I bought mine from hyloft.com and got a better price than I have found in other places. I have the standard model.


Before you buy it, check your ceiling height and check the height of your bike. If the ceiling is less than ten feet, you may find that the bikes hit the ceiling too soon.


If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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What a great idea! clap.gif

I had not seen this lift before. I might get myself one to get more storage in the garage. It might ever allow me to buy another motorcycle due to having more storage space. grin.gif

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