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Removal of oil cooler plastic grill R12RT


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Does anyone know how to remove this piece. I removed the two plastic inserts on the bottom side, but something is still holding it firmly in place. Thanks, Pat.

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Pat, I tried to remove mine and found there is a small allen head bolt on the inside of the center piece, at the back of course where you only have about 1/2 inch of clearance between it and the oil cooler. I don't know of a tool that will fit in there...I guess you could make one?

In any case I have the oil cooler screen from BMW SantaCruz and it is pretty good. I had to paint the screen part semi-gloss black to make it look 'right'. Also the fit over the stock piece wasn't perfect and required some 'massaging' to get it into place,i.e. more double sided tape on the left that the right to build it up a little...


Good luck,



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Thanks for the info, I bought the same part & ran into the same problem. I tried to attach it in the garage where the temp was about fifty degrees, thought that was my problem. Had it painted grey to match the bike. Its going to look slick if I can get it to stick. tongue.gif

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Roy, I have a picture but no luck in posting it. If you go to http://www.bmwscruz.com and go to the Wunderlich catalog. You will find the oil cooler screen part 8500149 for the R12RT.




Thanks very much. I went there and found it. Lots of other interesting stuff there as well. Thanks for pointing me to their site. thumbsup.gif

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