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NAVMAN GPS mount options, R1200RT


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Hello again,


I have a NAVMAN GPS sleeve for my Ipaq PDA and have seen few mount options for the new RT. RAM makes parts for a mount to the extra mirror boss in the clutch lever assembly. Sierra BMW (http://www.sierrabmw.bigstep.com) offers a clutch reservoir cover mount. Aside from that, I've been unable to find any other options for the RT. Questions:


1. Is the mirror boss sturdy enough for a small GPS unit?


2. Is the clutch cover assembly more or less sturdy than the mirror mount?


3. Is there room to get a U-bolt around the left handlebar, right next to the ESA/windshield controls? (this appears to be the sturdiest RAM mount available)


4. Are there any other options out there?


Thank you all for your continued support of our beloved riding machine. thumbsup.gif

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BTW, if you end up going with a ram mount setup, I have a RAM powered Ipaq cradle that I used to use with my Navman sleeve/ipaq5500. You are welcome to it if it is something you can use. I switched to a garmin GPS

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You may want to check out www.techmounts.com. Do a search for your specific m/c; I got a very well-made IPOD mount for my R1200ST from them. They will also make the mount in custom colours (limited selection) if the stock mount is not your choice of finish.

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