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Installation spacer guides for saddlebag guards (R1200RT)


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After I installed my saddlebag guards, I tossed the cardboard spacer guides. Now I have to re-install the left guard and no longer have the guides. Was anyone smart enough to keep their guides? If so, would you be willing to let me borrow them for the re-install and I will return them promptly?

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I am afraid that I tossed mine as well.


You still have the guards on the other bag (right side), correct?


Here's a thought. Can you make a template from your right side bag, and then just invert it to use on the left bag?

I dunno if that will work, just throwing it out there.

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John Bentall

If I were in your situation I would turn the good pannier upside down (on a piece of foam so as not to scratch it) and then reinstall the saddlebag guard using the good one as a visual template.

The cardboard template is there to keep the guard away from the hinges if I remember.

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I don't know if they are readily available in the USA yet. I think a couple of dealers are advertising them in the Owner's News. I ordered mine from Mark Huggett along with a bunch of vintage parts. Moto-Bins might be worth checking out. I'll try to attach a picture of the bike with the guards installed.


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