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iPod and GPS on 1200RT


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Hi everybody. I just bought an '05 1200RT this week and couldn't be happier. I have a few questions about the radio.


A) Is it possible to plug an iPod into the AUX input on the radio? If so, what adapters are necessary?


B) I have the Nav II system installed and was kind of thinking that the voice commands would be routed through the RT's speakers. Is this possible? Otherwise, what headphone unit would you recommend for receiving voice commands?

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I have an 06 Rt and it does not have an auxilliary imput. To get the ipod or the gps voice to run through the speakers, I think u have to wire thru an intercom system like autocom which is what most recommend for intercoms. I dont recommend the trouble to go thru the speakers because at speed u cant hear very well. Instead go thru an autocom system and get a good set of helmet speakers, if u need everything integrated. I just got a good set of earbud speakers since they help cancel out wind noise and give great clarity to the music. I have satellite radio and a walman AM/FM / CD and it works better than the built in radio/CD. I cant get too many stations on the built in radio, and the BMW CD skips on bumps. Autocom takes some work to install but is well worth the effort.

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Thanks for your reply. I assumed (perhaps foolishly?) that because the radio shows an AUX input on-screen (as you cycle through the audio sources) that there must be an AUX input.

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There is a reasonably simple way of using the Aux function of the radio to attach an mp3 player. E-mail me at rsyme@eircom.net and I'll send you the instructions and some photos of the install


BMW will be marketing a "box" in about 6 months to connect mp3 players and other bits to their bluetooth helmets but beware a) it will be megabucks and b) it has been delayed twice now so it may not appear this year at all!!


Regards from Ireland

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