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Alternator belt, 12GS?


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Whats it feel like when an alternator belt starts to go? 29K on the bike. Did a nice little 400 mile ride to the other coast today, and noticed, twice, all of a sudden the engine seems to be straining, pull in the clutch and its like the brakes are engaged, no coasting at all. The first time was in some traffic, and as I was looking for a place to get off the road and check things out, it cleared up. Second time was 3 blocks from home, and it cleared up again before getting here. Also, I have my radar detector set up to show voltage, several times on the ride, it would be running at 13.6 volts, instead of its 14.9 that it usually reads. COuld the belt be slipping some, then binding, then working again??


Have new brake pads on the back, and a quick visual shows decent pad thickness on the front.

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With the clutch pulled whatever the alternator belt, and the rest of the engine for that matter, is doing is irrelevant. So the "no coasting" problem you are describing is not that.


The Low voltage is a clue though, one that possibly the brakes are indeed on. I'd have a diag. of the ABS done.


ISFA your original question, "Whats it feel like when an alternator belt starts to go?" Often the first sign is a chirping or flapping/slapping/knocking noise from a loose shred of the belt.

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Thanks Ken. I got the cover off, the belt looks fine. I couldnt imagine the belt being able to cause the engine to bind, but absence of anything else thats where my mind was focusing. I thought about the brakes, and looked for an idiot light when it was occuring. BOth times started before any application of the brakes.

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