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96 r1100rt seat


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well i just did a ride yesterday from san diego to palm springs and back around 450 miles (we did the scenic route)

two thingsi noticed were never ride with harley riders they only wanted to go about 55 mphand stop every 50 miles


but my main complaint was about the stock seat the standard seat not the low seat the seat tendts to push you forward somewhatnot as bad as the low one but it is a pain in the _ _ _ and is as hard as rocks my other street bike is an r1 sport bike which is no known for comfort but i can ride it 6-8 hrs without being as bad as the bmw seat

is this common & who makes the best seat going up to csatrovill to see corbin is not a proble but is there one thats better

also what tires do you recomend im willing to sacrifice milage some for grip



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Jerry Johnston

I just removed my Corbin (nine years old) and took my stock seats over to an uholster and had him put memory foam in it and cover with deer skin. Looks great and cost me $225 + tax. Fit's much better then the Corbin.

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