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Just had new flywheel fitted to R1150rt have now got a problem with smoke coming out exhaust and downpipes glowing red.The smoke is thick and lots of it removed the exhaust and bike is ok no smoke and downpipes return to normal. Thinking of replacing exhaust but its costly if its not that anyone ever encountered anything simular phil

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has anything been dropped into the box whilst it was off the bike .it sounds like nothing is being burnt off to me .

I would say it is a blockage of some sort. Remove the exhaust and check it out .But most definatley do not ride it you will end up costing yourself loads of bucks.

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Just been told by email that the timing could have altered if the flywheel had been put on wrong ie engine not pegged at tdc to fit it. I cant see any reference to this in the clymer book surely the bike wouldnt need to be timed after fitting phil

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No reason it should be, the sensors are on the other end of the crank. Yes, the timing marks are on the flywheel but there should have been no reason to retime the motor.


You need only pull one valve cover and spark plug to check. Rotate the motor using the rear wheel and stick a pencil or the like (I prefer a chop stick) down the spark plug hole. As the motor comes up to the top of the compression stroke (intake valves closing) look through the sight port on the flywheel cover for the mark(s). They should appear just as the piston arrives at TDC.


Sounds to me like you have a shop rag in your exhaust pipe.

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Problem solved fitted a new exhaust and bike runs fine now thanks to everyone for there help who would have thought a 3yr old bike with 25,000 miles on clock would have trouble with its exhaust.

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Since it was good before the flywheel was changed and bad after.....


Shop rag to keep the rats out still in the unit?


No shop rag, big rat crawled inside?


Different exhaust installed?


Rinsed it out with water?





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It looks like it was the cat breaking down cut the exhaust open and the rear of exhaust washed through with water when i poured water through the front end only seeped through so i presume it was the cat phil

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