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Alarm key fob near key on '05 R1200RT


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When I had the 600 mile service performed, two separate technicians said that it is imperative that I keep the Alarm Key Fob separate from the key while the key is in the ignition. They said that I run the real risk of "de-programming" the system and thereby not being able to start the bike. There is nothing in the literature that says anything about this, and since I always keep my car key and alarm fob on the same ring (this is a similar system to the bike's) and I've had no trouble.


Anybody heard of this?

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When I ordered a second metal key, I was told not to have the spare too close to the key in the ignition or it could interfere. They did not say anything about the alarm remote and I have it attached to the same ring as the ignition key. It sure looks like it is designed to be carried on a key ring and the motorcycle ring is certainly the handiest place for it.

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