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Garmin SP III Max DataCard size?


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Can someone with a Garmin StreetPilot III confirm the maximum size DataCard that is compatible with the SP III please?


I have been told 128 MB and also 256 MB and would like to know which is correct.



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Thanks to both of you for the links.


I've tried entering this reply three times now as the first two times presented errors.


Anyway. I appreciate the help you provided.


The reason I asked was simply because the guy at the local radio shop said 128 was the max it could read but he didn't have a 256 to try anyway.


Just to make %100 sure is there anyone with a SP III using a 256?

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My son is using a 256mb card in his Streetpilot III. Works just the same as with the 128mb card except that you can load twice as much data into the card from your PC.

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