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Ted and his RT Replacement After 8K


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Hi Guys - good to see everything is pretty much the "same" here on the forum. I sit here chuckling - the Harley forums are completely (almost) different - topics of interest include how to get more horsepower to haul around the additional chrome one buys and doing that while making maximum noise dopeslap.gif . Anyway, my Road King and I continue to get along quite well. I don't hit the twisties as fast as I did with the RT, but, the 750 pound beast is still quite nimble. I do turn a lot of heads when I go by - stock exhaust makes people wonder if it's really a HD. I miss the weather protection the RT afforded, but, I don't miss the maintenance at all. Tire wear is excellent - after 8 K it looks as though I have almost that much left on the front - had to replace the rear due to a dang wood screw at 4K. No oil leaks! No warranty issues. It's a good cruiser and suits my expectations quite well. My local dealership is great, btw; in fact, a couple of the salesmen will be going to dinner with me along with some other HD riders next month with the wives - something we do every month. Please feel free to shoot specific questions to me regarding the comparision of HD to BMW. There are similarities and some differences. One of the main differences is the connection HD has with its customers - they really do give one the feeling that they care what we think and they seem to listen if there's a problem. Their plant in York PA is well-worth a visit if you are ever close - I highly recommend their one hour tour - it's free. Incidently, to date, over 240 DVD's have been shipped showing a spline lube. I'm really glad it has helped so many guys prevent the failure that plagues RT's! Happy 2006 - RIDE SAFE!

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Hi Ted,

I have to ask if your riding gear has changed since your move to HD. I can picture having a HD as a second bike. I too would be turning heads as folks looked to see the astronaut looking fellow on the Road King. "He must be cold" they'll say. I have heard stock pipes on Harleys and they sound good!

Nice looking bike by the way. Glad you're enjoying the ride. That's all that matters eh?

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Nice to hear from you again, Ted. Sounds like you have been rolling along just fine. 240 DVD's, that's incredible. thumbsup.gif


Make sure you drop in every once in a while. You're still a part of the fabric around here. cool.gif

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For those of us that haven't made the move away from the RT (and are nervous about clutch/tranny spline issues), can you re-post information about purchasing the spline-lube DVD?





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Make sure you drop in every once in a while. You're still a part of the fabric around here.

Very nicely put Steve!


Congratulations on finding a beautiful bike that suits you so well Ted.

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Regarding riding gear - I ocassionally wear a half helmet if it's really hot; still wear the full face on a trip or when cold. I wear leather - the same leather I wore with the RT. Heated stuff feels good this time year - jacket and gloves, dual thermostats. Bike makes up for lack of maintenance by requiring lotsa of polishing, lol.

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Good to hear from you. Glad you're enjoying you Road King. I really liked my FLHS and kind of miss it. Selling it was good though as I was putting less than 500 miles a year on it after I got the RT. The Harley FLH's are great cruisers and touring bikes. Just not sport tourers.

I'll be sending you an email for the DVD since spline lube is on my winter maintenance agenda.

Stay in touch with the board and Best Wishes for 2006!

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