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the Wunderlich fuel injection control for RT - there will be no Techlusion G3


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Since the techlusion got great reviews for R1150Rt owners - although my R1200Rt didn't have the same 2K-3.5K "surge" as the 1150 - thought the Techlusion gneration 3 unt might be a good "fix" for the low end dead spot 1500-2250 or so RPM.


Turns out Techlusion did a OEM/brand deal with Wunderlich (good people actually) so the generation 3 Techlusion controller for the R1200 will only be available under the Wunderlich brand.


I am going to wait until after the 6K to install - doesn't make sense to go to the advanced programming options of the Wunderlich/TechlusionG3 controller until after a bit of breakin.


For those 1150 owner's who are military - Techlusion did offer a active military discount that gets the 1150 and other BMW model controllers for $170 (regULAR $300).


The Wunderlich is about $350 from slect BMW dealers like Santa Cruz BMW.


Have a happy

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I had a techlusion on my R1150RT so I know how good they are. Now I have a 1200RT (March 2005 circa 7500 miles) and I just thought I would ask how long you have had your bike?

The reason for asking is that mine recently went in for a software update to solve CANbus niggles and at the same time the update has remapped the fuelling! That low end dead spot has been improved and the bike pulls more powerfully and smoothly throughout the rev range....


Just a thought in case you are about to use a techlusion to address something that BMW are already on to....

All depends how new your bike is. One clue as to where you are in the updates might be whether you have to hold the left hand indicator for over 3 seconds to get the sidelights to stay on in park mode - if you merely have to press the button to do it then you are very likely to be pre-the fuel remapping.

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I haven't had my bike long enough to do the install - since I want to wait for the bike to breakin a bit.


Depending how you ride, the way I ride 6000+ would be right since I do put my bike thru the paces.


On the US side, our on-board fuel mapping is quite a bit different that the of the EU - not to say we are better or worse - but the US mapping has to cover a wider range of fuel's since different parts of the US have different additive content. Overall, I would day our US bike not only run a different map, but overall a bit leaner.


I understand Wunderlich got interested for (2) reasons - (1) BMW is upgrading performance, and (2) the generation 3 controller from Techlusion really is the cat's meow.


I don't think there will there will be a big demand from US owners - sort of like MB here in cars, we like to feel the Germans do the very best that can be done - which honestly if fuel mapping is not necesarily so depending on your personal performance objectives.

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