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New Seat/New Tires


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Happy whatever to all! I again am looking for some suggestions. My '04 R1150RT came with a comfort seat. It is OK but not so comfortable on a full day ride. I have tried the lowered Sargent seat, sent it back due to not being more comfortable and learning to deal with a higher seat bike. I am 5'9". I would like to find a really comfortable seat for touring. I also now have 10,000 miles and see a flat spot on the rear tire center. I feel that I should also change the tires while having the 10,000 mile service done. I am looking for suggestions for seat and tire replacement. I am getting ready for the run to Gunnison Co. for the '06 Unrally. The event in Virginia in '05 was really great. Best to all and be safe over the new year celebrations.

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I have Z6's on my RT and like them. I have Michelin Pilot Powers on my Duc and adore them. I prefer sticky tires though and don't mind wearing them out. It really depends on what you want out of your tires and how hard you push them. For basic touring the Z6's work well and I ride them pretty hard (nothing like I push the Pilots though). What is acceptable miliage for you?

You will get about 100 different suggestions for tires on this board! dopeslap.gif

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I am on my second set of Metzeler Z-6's on the RT and I find them to be an exceelent, sporty tire for that bike - highly recommended!


On my Duc I run Pilot Race front and rear (track bike) and on my R1 (mostly track) I run Pilot Powers. The Pilot Powers are okay on a regular sport bike, but the R1 is so beefed up I am about to go to slicks and make it track only. I am not too crazy about Powers on the R1 - just not sticky enough for me.

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I am 5'9". I would like to find a really comfortable seat for touring.

I'm 5'9'' as well with a 30" inseam and find the Wunderlich Ergo Low Seat to be perfect. You can get one from Santa Cruz BMW or keep an eye out on ebay or the classifieds for someone selling theirs. Not only is it comfy but it also allows me to flat foot the bike.


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