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Uni-go... Uni-where?


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I've done a search here, at AdVrider and on Google but I have found no clear information re: the new owners(?) Schoolhouse Motorcycle Accessories, the new marketing/distribution set-up, the new price!!! (minus NZ shipping etc).

The Googled websites are stale, to say the least, with only an 11/16/05 memo from Uni-go-USA hinting at future production.

Has anyone purchased a Uni-go in the last month? If so, would you be kind enough to share the details?

Is there a Canadian dealer with up to date info online?

I'm sure there are others looking to add a trailer if the "New" price is right. thumbsup.gif


Thanks and early Happy New Year wishes to you all.

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I don't think the prices are correct. They put the message up quite a while ago concerning the sale of the company and the move to the USA. Since then, it's been a guessing game. Why don't you email one of the US dealers that are listed and ask them?

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Thanks for the replies. It truly is a guessing game as you state. I have emailed two of the dealers from the old NZ dealer list and have been told by one to wait and have had no response from the other.

There should be some new info out there somewhere. I believe there to be a significant demand for a lower priced locally made product. I'll phone a few dealers (if they still exist) soon and talk.

It seems to be a great solution for storage while two up touring. I want one but can't get around the (old ) price.

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We are the Canadian Distributors for Uni-go. A discussion with JV led me to this site (which we joined). We do not market on any forum nor do we enter brand discussions. However,as a side note, we have recently been very interested in research regarding crashes involving motorcycles pulling trailers...but, that's another thread.


Regarding Uni-go availability: recent posts are correct. We do not have an exact date for renewed production nor do we have a firm price. We won't speak for the new manufacturers regarding the complexities of such an endeavor. We will, without hesitation, suggest that the new manufacturer will not only retain former product quality but will certainly make every effort to improve it. Their experience and knowledge has been built over the past few years with the product. Enough said in that regard. More concrete information will be available soon.


What we can do, however, is respond to any questions, thoughts, concerns etc regarding trailer performance or technical aspects. We have toured two up with this trailer for about 20,000 miles and have a good handle on just about every aspect of it. If you want to inquire off forum you can use our 'other' email tourunigo@eastlink.ca or go to our site (in need of updating) www.tourunigo.com


We will of course welcome any discussion here as well. -Bob

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Hi Bob, thanks for jumping in. The silence on Uni-Go since the sale has been deafening!


Do you know (or are you willing to say) who (and where) the new owner is?

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Ken, you will note on the existing Uni-go site ( www.uni-go.com ) site that it is stated that "Schoolhouse Motorcycles Accessories, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Uni-Go Motorcycle Trailers to their fine line of products. All production will resume in the U.S. by the first quarter of 2006." They are located in the Cincinnati area. Any additional information should really be at the discretion of the new owners. (this really isn't being evasive but, rather, respecting appropriate protocol) We are confident that you (and the many others) won't be disappointed when production is renewed. clap.gif When it does, keep us in mind wink.gif -Bob

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I met the owners at last Octobers Open House At BMW Tri-STate here in Cincinnati. Dang that I can't remember their names (Hubby and Wife). I'll try to find their card. He had a R1150RT tricked out to look like an F16 fighter jet. was wicked! And she had a R1150R??? with taller windscreen, iPod hooked up etc. Both had Uni Go trailers attached to the back.


Oh, here's a pic of that bike grin.gif






For me, the awsome part was knowing they should have a hook up for the ST this year! clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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