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Voice II Bike to Bike Blues


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I finally got around to installing the push to talk switch on my 05 LT with Voice II sytem which came with the bike. Voice II radio and intercom have been working well. Switch installation was pretty straight forward, connect the 2 wires inside the left handle bar with the switch leads. I made sure that the leads on the switch were the right ones (there are 4) using an ohm meter. At first it worked ok when I talked to my wife. After a while, when I transmitted, strange garbling sounds were transmitted and my wife received nothing but static. AFter a while, the switch would not transmit. I manually tranmitted on the radio itself and that was ok. Took the wires off and tried it again. Worked well, then when I buttoned everything up...it stopped transmitting, then it would only transmit static and I could hear garble being transmitted. I am using a Kenwood Freetalk XLS radio. I will be contacting my dealer soon regarding this issue, but I may be doing something wrong so I thought I would bounce it off the board. Thanks in advance for any assitance. George

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