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OK, I'm very late to the party, but I got a smokin' deal on remaining PR2's so I had enough to cover the past 3 years. I finally ran out of those (actually, there's about 2K left on the last set, and with Torrey coming up, I dumped them) and got some PR3's. At the same time I also put on some EBC DoubleH front brake pads.


Went out and seated in the pads, then found a twisty road I know to scuff in the sides of the tires. They felt fine, and then. . .


. . . then I dove into a corner with extra gusto and suddenly realized I was in too hot for comfort and was headed toward the centerline. Milisecond gasp! and then push down HARD on the right bar as I sort of remember to look through the corner.


The RT comes crushing down on my right foot as it carves through the corner. The footpeg is scraping the ground, and my foot is literally trapped down there. Wish I'd been up on my toes just a little bit more. The bike tightens up, the arc shrinks, the centerline fades to a safe distance, and all is right with the world. Speed, about 55.


Not a wiggle. Not a squirm. Nuttin. I don't know how these tires are going to last, or how they're going to square up with all of the extra mileage I do on the slab (from WA, Torrey is 1150 each way, vs. 600 from when I lived in SoCal). But I know that I've got tires in which I have even more confidence than the old PR2's. And I thought those were great.

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On the issue of PR3's. Tomorrow I am going to fit the third set to the RT.

The first set had a "B" rear, the second a regular one since there was no "B" available last Christmas Eve. ;)

The first set lasted an unbelievable (for me) 13000km. The second is going out at 11000km. There's probably another 1000km left on it but since I am going on a long trip next week I want to be on the safe side. I put down the slightly faster rate of wear to the fact I rode around a lot during the heat wave we had in August.

Since I usually have to ride a lot of straights let me reassure you: I saw no "squaring" whatsoever on either set.

The tyres grip right down to the end but you'll notice when it's time for a change from increased vibration from the front.

The only issue I had with them is when temperature is over 90F they seem to lose grip. However they more than make up for it by all their other virtues.

For this set I am going back to a "B" rear because it seems to give a smoother ride on uneven tarmac.

Enjoy. :grin:

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Yup. Did that on an off ramp a couple weeks ago and was reminded to point my toes more forward.

They'll square up on the slab run. Those squares sand down though.

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I just ran my first set of PR3's and had new one's put one last Friday. On my R1200RT I got just over 10K and could have went more but had the bike in for it's 18K service and too long trips in the next 2 weeks.

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They claim the wet grip was increased with the 3's. I can say from being caught in a snow storm with nowhere to stop for cover that the bike did not wiggle once. Very impressed with the wet traction of these tires. No complaints at all with mileage or traction in dry. Only time I get a wiggle out of them is on tar snakes, but short of spiked wheels I think any tire will do that.

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Here's another fan of the PR3. I was so impressed with their performance on my RT that I fitted a set before taking my Ducati to the track. The two closeups were after my first session on the track. They performed flawlessly.









I also had the opportunity to try them in the rain on a recent ride in Colorado. Since they are supposed to be good rain tires, I thought I'd give them the test. I kept pushing harder as I went along, and the tires never gave a hint of slipping. Tire mileage has been great, and consistant. Knowing what kind of mileage you'll get tire after tire is very important to me. It makes trip planning much easier.



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I've got 55k on my 11 RT and have tried a different set of tires each time. I know I ride on a rough surface, coarse aggregate road and run a lot at 75 and +, but have largely been disappointed in the miles I get from nearly any tire.


Best I had was Metzeler Z6 Interact but seems they quit making the Interact in the Z6, just the Z8 any more (unless someone knows where the Z6 Interact can be found?).


I also have varied my psi which I'm sure has had somewhat of an impact. The last 3 or 4 sets I've run what a lot of folks recommend at 40 or + 1 or 2 on the rear which seems to have helped.


When I tried PR3's, they wore unevenly in a short time and wore out within about 8k. Among the worst of the different ones I've tried, altho I was running a little less psi, closer to the manual recommendation.


Being you've had good experience with them, what psi do you run?


I just ordered my 2nd Pirelli Angel GT for the rear - got 10k on the first one of those I tried, better than all but the Z6 Interact. They heavily advertise better mileage for those.


Probly like most folks who ride the RT type bikes they're on asphalt, and it's the center that is totally gone before most of the rest of the tire is even 1/2 gone, even just 1/2 way to the edge.


I'd be more than happy to pay a reasonable adder for tires that just plain have maybe 1/8 or 3/16 more rubber in the center.




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I purchased my '99 RT 6 months ago with 44K miles and the bike was in need of tires, not worn to the cord but old and worn. I did some research and wanted tires that were affordable, had grip and would last. I bought Bridgestone Battlax BT-023G Sport Touring Radial Tires front and rear and they have 6k on them now with lots of tread remaining especially the rear. I like to accelerate briskly and corner hard so have not babied them. The fronts have a flat spot down the center likely from heavy braking and riding the flats to work but still handle great, the rear still has a good profile. I've scrubbed the tires in riding Angeles Crest and some other twisties and they handle great to the edge. I understand the front tires wear somewhat strange on the RT's but I'm very happy with these tires and will definately buy them again. Highly recommended. :thumbsup:

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I get 6-7K out of a rear PR2 and 10-12K out of a B spec PR3. Bs handle a little more predictably on the RT by removing a bit of sidewall squirm, at least for me.


The 3 is superior in many other ways to the 2- not as noisy when worn, better in the wet, handling degrades less as tire wears, etc etc


At present its the std tire on all 4 BMWs in the fleet.

The Honda Transalp runs on Conti Trail Attacks for its around town and fire road duty..

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... The 3 is superior in many other ways to the 2- not as noisy when worn, better in the wet, handling degrades less as tire wears, etc etc


After 3 sets of PR2s and now 2 sets of PR3's on my KRS I agree completely with your assessment. I have gotten just at 7K on both sets of PR3's with a combination of interstate and aggressive mountain riding. Just ordered another set. :thumbsup:

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I only got 5K total on my front PR3... hexagonal shaped and cupped by 4.5K. But, I just ordered another PR3 to replace it. Great handling tire, I guess I'm just "rough" on em'.


Rear still looks pretty good, just slightly flattened in the middle, expect at least another 3K, I hope.

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Steve Kolenda

I will be replacing the rear PR3 on my 2011 R1200RT shortly. It has 17,239 miles on it. I ride two up 100% of the time and the tire is the "B" rated version, although I don't think the sidewall rating would affects the mileage.

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I am changing my last rear PR3 and have around 11,000 miles. They are still fine but a long ride makes me change them. They are grippy and very smooth at highway speeds. I have had Z6 and Z8 before and will stay with Michelin PR3 from now on.

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PR1s and PR2s were great tires for me for handling and longevity but noisy, especially in front. PR3s are even better all around, with less noise. When I bought my new '13 RT I didn't want to wait for the OEM Bridgestones to wear out so I had the dealer install PR3s as part of the deal.

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Still running my 2nd set of PR2's, but the review I read in Cycle World(?) of the PR4's makes them sound a good deal better than the 3's are claimed to be, in all aspects. Since I doubt I will be able to find another set of 2's when this set finally wears out, I'll probably skip the the 3's and go straight to the PR4's instead. Good to read the positives on the 3's, though. Encouraging.

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At least 8 sets of the PR 3's going to Un 9,10,11,12,13. Over these road conditions I got 8,000 miles consistently. Two up was f 39 r 42psi and single was 38 f 40 psi. yes the rear does square off but after hitting the wear bars you still have a good 1000 miles plus left to go, even two up loaded with gear. No surprises. Can't say that about the Metz 6 or the Metz sportec 3 I have on now that I'm going to take off at a toasted 3800 miles. I know...a different type of tire... just sayin


I have a spring 2014 purchase of the PR4 GT ready for Un 14. Curious to see how these compare with the 3. If any way close to being as good as the 3's I'm staying with them. I think it has a new bias/radial mixture, maybe that is what might make it last???

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Just finished with a pair of PR 3's on my 11RT and got 13,920 miles from them. Better than any motorcycle tire I've ever had in the last 51 years of riding. This past Friday I had them replaced with PR 4 GT's. After 4-5 hundred miles, I like the 4's better than the 3's, in part because I think the more robust GT's give me a firmer and more secure ride, especially in the twisties.


Highly recommended!

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