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with all this talk about new shocks.......


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with everyone talking about upgrading to new shocks, it has me thinking...... what is the popular opinion about installing them? Are they being installed at a shop or is it more popular to do it yourself?

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good question


i don't know myself, but I would think If you are good with the wrenching thing, it should not be that hard?


I'm sure someone with more experience could answer this.

I'm kinda curious myself


I do know that Olin's seem to be the choice for most thumbsup.gif

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I put Hagon shocks on my RT this spring and really like them. Installation on the RT took about an hour, maybe an hour and a half because I had to pull the tupperware to get where I could shift the tank back about 2 inches to install the front shock.


It is very simple and only requires a couple basic sockets to do it.

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Very easy to do. Did it a couple of winters ago and will be doing it this winter. I bought Works and had them rebuilt after 30,000 miles and have to have them rebuilt once again. Pulling the tuperware was the hardest part!

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Installing the new shocks is the easy part. Making the fine tuning necessary to set the ride just for you is the frustrating & lengthy part. Maybe not so frustrating, but it is a lengthy process, meaning you make some basic adjustments and give it a ride, make more adjustments and so on until you have it set for yourself. Don't assume that a shock will be great right out of the box, even if it has been sprung for your weight and typical riding environment. And don't get upset if it's not perfect for you, getting buyers remorse and so on. I've gleaned that it does take some effort to "dial it in".


Good luck! thumbsup.gif

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Shocks are a very easy DIY install job.


You do have to remove both sides of the fairing and move the fuel tank back a little bit to access the top of the front shock, but other than that, it's quick, simple, and straightforward.

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I've changed shocks myself and also had the dealer do it for me. The labour charge was (AUS)$90.

Whenever you choose shocks, make sure you give your shock supplier specific details of your normal riding weight so the spring can be set to your requirements.

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