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autocom and SChuberth C2


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I'm looking for info and detailed pictures, if possible, of how you installed speakers and mic in a C2. Yep, I've seen the instructions on the autocom site, and, yep, I can be a bit thick.


I can't figure out how they routed the wires so that the boom and the main thick wire come out the bottom. did they cut a hole in the lining?


Also, where did you install the mic? It seems like it might be too long for easy placement?


Any tips gratefully appreciated.



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I tucked the mike boom in the slot where the chin strap comes out of the lining, velcro'ed in. I riveted the thick wire to the plastic trim on the bottom of the helmet using a wire clamp. Hope this helps. I found the Autocom instructions on the C2 to be not all that helpful.


My setup works ok and looks neat, but even though I like the helmet a lot, I am looking around for a good helmet that is more Autocomm friendly, like perhaps a Nolan X-1002.

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