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Does anyone post good GPS routes to ride?


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Hello, I finally registered after lurking on this site for almost a year. The information and help has been tremendous! Thank you!


This year, I was fortunate enough to receive a GPS for my bike, from Santa.


Do people commonly post their GPS routes? I'm looking for some good New England routes. Didn't see much in this forum or even out on the internet, but I'm a newbie at this and might not be searching in the right places.



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Bill in Vermont

I'm not sure what you mean by posting GPS routes on this site. Plenty of route suggestions are given, but to actually post the coordinates or downloadable routes just might take some fun out of riding the good roads. There aren't a heck of a lot of posters from what I call the northeast on this board. Let's see if anyone else can help. Are you new to this area? New to riding? Welcome in any event. Bill

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I'm not new to the area. But I started riding again this year after an 11 year break. My friends tell me that's the most dangerous type of motorcycle rider!


I was hoping people might post their .gdb or .mps (etc.) files for particularly enjoyable routes that they've found/devised.

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