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Question about bike trailers..


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is it possible and or recommended to pull a trailer with my 1100RT. I know people pull trailers with "K" bikes, but have never seen one behind an oilhead. If it is possible does anyone have suggestions for a hitch and trailer?

Thanks in advance for any info..

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I pull a Uni-go , about 20,000 miles so far and no problems. My '02 R1150RT has no problem pulling it. The best part is my girlfriend can bring her hairdryer! These trailers are small but gives me room without loading the rear of the bike so much. Pulls great, mainly around corners, sometimes I forget its there. Have fun, burn gas.

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Thanks for the link and the info on the Uni-go, That is the one I was thinking about but my P.C. crashed recently and I lost all my files.

One more question: how well does the bike handle that extra 1000# of weight when your trying to stop? It looks like from the design that it would allow you corner easily but a little nervous about stopping ability..

Thanks Dave smile.gif

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70 lb trailer with 65 lb load and 38 lb tongue weight is entirely predictable and stable. Hard braking for a deer in Kentucky and a severe bump in the road (Maine). Stopping was in line and no pushing (well, likely minimal). Trailer tends not to dive. The severe bump in Maine put all three wheels into the air and landed like you just aced the audition! By the way, just fine at 100 mph (although that's not our comfort zone) and side wind has very little effect. Lots more but that will get at your question. -Bob

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It is possible, but if you ask BMW they will say that it will void your warranty (Same thing for sidecar conversions).


With that said, plenty of people do it with no problems. Heck I've seen people ride 2 up on Airheads towing trailers.


Go for it!

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Craig, Re: hairdryer. My wife and I still joke about that. She has a hairdryer with a diffuser (...as yer girlfriend Craig) attached. Large. In 2001 we packed up the old 75/5 pack-mule and took off for a 12,000 mile trip. Not only did the hairdryer + come along but so did just about everything else. What brakes ?! smirk.gif Pic is of packed bike and Mary just before trip. -Bob


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