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2005 Clank-Clank-Clank- R1200RT Cam Chain Tensioner ?


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I am very happy about ponying up to the bar and buying a 2005 R1200RT - but in the 1st 200 miles it has this dang "clank-clank-clank" slapping sound from the left side.


This isn't just a rider noise - you can hear the same sound 50' away when the bike is riding past at low speed.


I suspect the left side cam tensioner - and had the dealer check to make sure my bike had the "correct" most recent cam tensioner (supposedly it is on all production since May '05).


I love my dealer - it's my 3rd bike from these guys - but their 2006 RT has the same noise.


They are ordering in a new cam chain tensioer and will replace the existing unit with the new one.


I need to know from you other owners who went up thru the 1st 600.


I don't want to ride any machine, especially my new RT, with this type of mechanical noise.


The cam tensioner swap may reduce it - and probably changing out the breakin oil to new correct oil at 600 should reduce it as well.


I need to hear it this "clank-slap-clank" was common to other riders during early breakin, and if so, if after the 600 mi fluid change the dang noise went away.


And no, I am not going to accept this as "normal engine noise" - I would like to hear good things, but honestly if I wanted a clanker I would have bought a used Harley and expected it.


Let me know, thanks ! frown.gif

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I'm still in the first 600 miles with my 05 RT and I don't think I'm hearing anything like you describe. I'm a nervous nelly and I'm pretty sure if there was a pattern-like noise like that I'd be freaking out over it like you are. I also test rode another 05 RT like mine before I bought and it felt and sounded very smooth. Mine isn't quite as smooth but from reading back in this forum it sounds like it will smooth out after the intial service.

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Developed the same clanking noise on my '05 RT after the first service at around 1K miles. Sounded like it was about to come apart. Dealer replaced the cam tensioner spring and I've had no further problem to 7K+ miles. Bill

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I have a noise also. Local BMW service evaluated, and heard nothing.???? I disagree. The noise is strongest under light to moderate acceleration, approx 1800 to 3000 RPM's. Too heavy a noise to be valve adj., not heavy enough for rods, piston slap. Service supposedly did a throtle sync. I can tell no difference and they agreed there was no out of sync found. I had suggested chain noise as the only other source for this type of noise, but my suggestion was dismissed(this was ~ a month ago). Had BMW break-in service at ~1000 mi. "Noise" evaluation at ~1500 mi. Have owned two boxers prior to the hex and recently rode a GS hex. No noise like this one. Will continue to monitor my noise and this thread.

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I had a similar noise (apparently) as it was the BMW mechanic who heard it when the bike was in for it's 1000K service. I had to end up leaving the bike for another day for them to check it out. In the end they could not replicate the noise and they advised that it was most probably the cam tensioner sticking.


They (BMW) advised that they were aware of this happening to a number of bikes and each time it had to do with the cam tensioner.


No change or update was made to my bike and I still have not heard any out of the ordinary noise.


my bike was buit in May 05

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FWIW, mine never has had any unusual noises. It has over 7000 miles on it and has been ridden very hard once the 600 mile service was done. Guess I'm fortunate (knock on wood).

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FWIW, mine never has had any unusual noises. It has over 7000 miles on it and has been ridden very hard once the 600 mile service was done. Guess I'm fortunate (knock on wood).


Also no unusual noises with my '05, with almost 7K on the odo. The only noise I had to get used to was the sound of the brakes at a stop - at first I thought a flock of gulls was hovering around me.



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There was a thread a while back in which Mitch mentioned that his cam chain tensioner upgrade parts (same as what is in the current hexhead) were not machined precisely and he had to smooth things out a bit with sandpaper/emery cloth in order to make the piston fit smoothly in the bore. If by chance any similar parts got into production bikes that could possibly explain what you are experiencing.

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Well - the start of this saga is not good.


I identify with the earlier reply - the noise (clank, like a piston slap) is still audible - most audible under light load at 1800-2500 rpm - and can be accentuated even further (which is NOT my issue) by "lugging" the engine at that RPM range at a higher gear/lower speed.


The cam tensioner has been replaced (original was the correct part) - no "tight fitting" as reported by Mitch on a GS tensioner conversion - valve and end play were checked and adjusted - injection sync was checked as well - breakin oil pulled (in case the lower visoisity was a added issue to the tensioner) and replaced with correct running oil.


In direct comparison to a new/fresh 2006 RT and a new/fresh GS - the same type of sound is in both '06 bikes - but not as audible (which in mine is audible to passerby's not just the rider.


My dealer is concerned about my discomfort - I will be riding both fresh '06's for comparison - although everyone agree's my bike has a more audible noise.


The dealer will notify BMW Tech regional rep - and ask his input.


I can't blame the service tech - geez, they work with a wide range of particular (or should I say distinctive or pecular) owners 5 days a week.


I am going to put 500-600 more miles this weekend - with weathe holding and without my Garmin 376C not shipped yet by Garmin who is updating a new version of the software for me to beta (neato-neato with NextRad and NO not the 3 weeks available 2630 - great unit - but the 2630 has less than the full Master Mariner weather features).



That dang clank bothers me - in direct comparision to my 1150RT (much less my old K75T whiner) - the clank just does not sound right.


Suspicion now goes to the counterbalance - maybe symtomatic suspicion - which blowws everybody's mind since the "clank-slap" does get more audible as the bike warms up.


Any help or comments guys ?

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