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Some Un Stuff for 2013


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Whenever possible, we've tried to schedule an Un such that the MOA Rally is on the way, either to or from. Sometimes it's worked out. Sometimes it hasn't. I'm told that the MOA schedules their rally locations on an East/Midwest/West rotation, while we do it on an alternating East/West. Thus, we'll be in sync 1/3 of the time, somewhat apart 1/3 of the time, and very far apart the other third. 2013 is scheduled to be a "very far apart" year.


At the Un in Salida, I was asked by a couple of members to repeat the Un in the West in 2013 so that it would be easy for members to attend both our event and the MOA Rally in Salem, OR. Much as the Admin Team would like to make such things as easy as possible for the dozen or so Un attendees who would also go to the MOA, the Un is the Un, and on this board it's the Big Dog. And the tail shall not wag the dog.


Therefore, the 2013 Un will be open to all proposals for an eastern location ("East" means east of Lebanon, KS, the approximate midline of the continental U.S.). Anywhere from there to the east coast, and from Canada to Key West is open for anyone wishing to submit a proposed location and to put the event together.


Another thing that this does (not fronting or backing the MOA rally on the calendar) is that it opens up our potential dates. With the MOA rally scheduled to start around July 18, 2013, and having been personal witness to the heat involved in getting to lovely and temperate Salida, CO, this past Un, being able to hold the event earlier in the summer makes the travel more pleasant. Please keep that in mind if you are interested in submitting a proposal. The Admin Team is not dictating an earlier date, merely explaining some of the advantages. Ultimately, you'll work with whatever dates your chosen venue has available and submit them as part of any proposal.


That's it for now. Let the volunteering begin!

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