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Cee Bailey


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I just received a Cee Bailey wind shield for Christmas.

I ask my wife for it specifying the type and size'

Ordered per invoice was a #2 regular cut 4 1/2" by 2" wide.

Received #2 regular cut 2" by 2" with only two mounting holes per side. To match the existing brackets 3 holes are needed per side.

I will call Cee Bailey tomorrow and see what kind of response I get for the product not matching the invoice and why there are not the 3 holes as needed per side to match the existing bracket.

Hopefully they are like the good reports I have seen on this board and not like the bad reports.

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since you didnt post what bike you have i will assume that you have an 1100RT since you have three mounting posts. BMW changed from 3 holes to 2 holes on the windshield. They only thing that needs to be done is using a dremel or something similar and cut off the center post to make it work. This mount doesnt do anything special so just cut them off and mount the shield, and you will be very happy with it.

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My bike is a 2002 1150RT.

What is the difference between a BMW windshield and the tall BMW windshield?

If the windshield on my bike is a tall then maybe the windshield is the 4 1/2 as ordered.

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I got a Cee Bailey #2 standard which is +2 1/2" taller and 2" wider. Well it is NOT wider but the same. The radius of it may be 2" more, but I was kind of disappointed. My 1st one I had to send back because the holes were 1/2" too narrow. I called and they cut a new one and had it out that day, cause it arrived couple days later. Also ordered the headlight cover. Not really happy with that at all. Looks great in the ad, but the pieces should be cut to the same curve to fit neat. Mine aren't. The 2 side pieces are hard to get to lie right on the lens. Luckily one morning when getting ready to take off and cleaning off bugs on front of bike, saw that one side was hanging on by only one fastner. So took it off and it has not been warm enough here for me to put it back on yet, ( 70* degrees ). Have not had a chance to try out the W/S yet. Just a quick down the street for some impression. It's ok, but wish it were truly 2" wider.

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I went through similar nonsense with my RT. Got a great shape/quality screen that had the holes too close together, causing the mechanism to catch on the way down. The bottom of the screen was not cut to match the bike like the stocker. They did the right thing and sent another right away, but it did not fit properly either. They told me that my bike was the problem, but the BMW screens (Std. and Tall) fit fine. I went to the BMWMOA rally in Spokane and tried some more, no luck.


Got a CB for the GS and it would not retain the BMW locking/adjusting nuts at the proper angle. I sold it and I will NOT try again...


Good Luck

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Almost identical ditto of Jeff's post. I bought a CB last June when I first got my '04 RT. The first windshield they sent didn't fit -- the holes didn't match. The second one they sent didn't fit -- the holes didn't match. Neither was close to being drilled correctly. I figured they had serious problems with quality control and told them I just wanted a refund. I got my money back and bought an AeroFlow. It fit just fine and is wider then the CB also. Good luck with CB ... maybe your luck will be better than mine (and Jeff's).

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I just received my new screen (3" taller and 3" wider) and the holes were lined up perfectly for my new '06 RT. Haven't had a chance to discover the differences at high speed, but it is definitely not a "look over" shield even at it's lowest position.

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Jerry - I have an 04 RT I bought about a year ago and the CB +3 1/2 #2 Euro Cur was one of my first and best aftermarket accessories. I have two hex-head screws per side on the windshield and it just bolted right on and lined up fine. 15,000 miles later it works just great. Sorry you had problems with yours. I'm over in Tempe if you want to take a look at mine.

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The problem was mine.

I checked the Cee Bailey against the existing on the bike. The Cee Bailey was 2" taller.

After my last post I went to the Cee Bailey Site and found the height of the OEM, 14.5". The existing BMW windshield was 17" tall. The one sent was 19". The 19" was 4.5 inches taller than an OEM. This is what was ordered. I didn't realize the existing was either a BMW tall or extra tall. The BMW site does not provide heights of their windshields on the web site that I was able to find.

I put the windshield on yesterday and went for a ride. The taller windshield sure does cut down on the wind.

TNX KER for the explaination about the holes.

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My 12GS CB screen is an excellent piece in both size and quality, but the left adjuster is hard to get on right. The beveled and notched washer doesn't lay right and has to be forced.


Still, it works good, and fits otherwise nicely!


Come summer though, I am cutting down a spare windscreen I got on E-bay for more air flow like I did on my 11GS.


Jim cool.gif

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Hey Chuck


I ordered and received my #2 -3 for the LT.....and had the nicest ride to work the morning after!! Go on..... do it!!


Am sending my seat down to Steve in the next couple of days, and get it redone as well! Wish I lived closer...I'd like to watch it getting done.



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