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Bitten by the RT bug again!


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I picked up the RT today from Bogart's. It runs better than ever and shifts very different. The clutch feels great, the gears closer together.


Now I find myself deciding on it or the LT. It is so primitive compared to the hi tech LT. I know the right thing to do for Suz'anne and I together, but darn it, the RT is fun! grin.gif


Merry Christmas!

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Duh, keep 'em both. Given how much you ride it'd be nice to have a spare bike when one needs tires or...


One for you two, one for you.


should I keep going?


50cc take the LT.


El paseo take the RT.



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I'm telling you, man, it's that flat twin. There is just something addictive about it.


Crude, unrefined, inefficient. I love it. grin.gif

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"I'm telling you, man, it's that flat twin. There is just something addictive about it."


In the past 30 years, I have rarely been without at least one BMW twin in the garage. The times that I bought another brand or a K series, I would really miss the sound & feel of the flat twin so I would buy another one. The flat twin IS addictive. Keep both of them.

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The RT draws more comments from people in the street than any other bike I know. It looks like it means business. Of course the RT wins over the LT! thumbsup.gif

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I agree, the LT is too normal and mainstream. I like the boxer because it is a bit of an oddball design..much like Lycoming, Subaru, VW and Porsche. Pilots like their cylinder heads sticking out in the breeze.

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I wonder if the RT is that much different or if you are experiencing it differently after riding the LT?

Only thing to do is a controlled experiment.

Put on a blindfold, spin around three times, have someone help you on the bike and go for a ride. Repeat with other bike. grin.gif

If you want the "hi-tech" and the boxer...

R1200RT thumbsup.gif.

Or, K tech and sportier...

GT, GT, GT. tongue.gif

Good luck.

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I have thought long and hard about the GT. I was looking at one when I was looking at the LT and decided to go big. It is a very nice machine. THe decision will come to me.


I really like the throb of the twin thumbsup.gif

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She rides the RT you ride the LT and now you need a ST for a diversion ie change of pace!


Hey Joel. She will not ride her own bike, so that is out of the question. I now have both bikes up for sale. We will see what happens. Maybe both will sell and I will have to get something new. grin.gifthumbsup.gif

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heh..heh.... you're kill'in me! Remember, you are trying to build a house! I'll bet the RT would be the most economical (payment wise if not already paid) plus you know you're leaning towards it. wink.gif

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