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Duchess on the road again!


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Well I got my '98 RT back from Wild West last week. Got a donor tranny from a GS that had less than 5k miles on it that Wild West had pulled from a GS that had a broken mounting point on it from the owner jumping something off-road with the suspension set too soft . They sent the tranny to a welder & had the mounting point fixed. Bike seems to be shifting well & the noise I was hearing from my old tranny with 55k on it is gone. Don't know what would have been found wrong with the other tranny as the service manager said they would probably tear it down & rebuild it in their spare time. All this repair & swap out for just under a $1000. So I am pretty happy about that, but time will tell how good a deal it was in the long run.

She's running pretty rough so when I have some time after the holidays I will do the valves & throttle body sync & see if I can get her to running like I know she should be.

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