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Simple R1200RT mirror question


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I've noticed a couple R1200RT sites and posts mention putting a bit of string on the back of your mirror so if they pop out they won't hit the ground and break. Given my spotty track record I figure I'd better do this but I was wondering how the mirrors come off?


It's a new bike so I'd hate to just go out to the garage and start pulling, twisting and possibly breaking something ;)

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You gotta whack em off by striking them on the outside corner from rear to front but I've been unable to bring myself to do it on mine so far..I figure taking them on and off contributes to them getting loose so I'm just gonna leave em alone and hope for the best smile.gif

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Just a firm but gentle pull will get them off. I just grip firmly and rock them back and forth a little bit as you pull and they come off very easily. They should stay put when you reattach them as long as you dont get any grease on the rubber grommets (those little protruding rubber things) . Make sure the grommets are clean when you replace the mirrors and you will be fine.

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Huh mine isn't popping out quite that easily so I'm just going to leave them alone for now. I did push and pull on them quite a bit and it seems hard enough to pull them off that whatever knocks them out might just break them anyway.

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The 1200RT mirrors are designed to come off to the rear. DON'T strike them rear to front to get them off, that worked on the 1100's & 1150's NOT on the 1200's.


Just grasp the outer rim of the mirror (black frame) and pull firmly, steadily with a rocking motion toward the REAR of the bike. It should come right off in your hand.


Here's a link for the 9" Leader loop http://bmwsporttouring.com/files/591842-DCP_2905.JPG






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My right side mirror fell off for no reason at speed and was replaced by dealer. Both my mirrors are now held on by duct tape just to be safe as I think three little rubber gromits are not good enough for the job. It fell off having not been touched or moved by anything.


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I agree with scottcon above that as long as the grommits and pins are dry and fitted properly there shouldn't be a problem - duct tape should be unnecessary. I've had quite a bit of experience with the mirrors in the last few months, taking them off on purpose for various tasks, and also due to a minor accident, after which one mirror stayed on for a couple of hundred miles held by only one pin.

On the other hand, for those who are handy and have a little extra time, a safety wire for insurance certainly wouldn't hurt. Many ingenious folks on this board!

Happy Holidays! grin.gif

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